Twistup Hair Towel Wrap

The new super
hair towel that
stays in place

Twistup - An Innovative Hair Towel Wrap

The super absorbent lightweight hair towel that stays in place while you go about your business. Do your makeup and get ready for the day while the Twistup conveniently and quickly dries your hair. Australian Made quality and 100% cotton the Twistup is the perfect addition to your daily routine.

Unique to any other hair drying towel on the market, Twistup provides effective and hassle free hair drying. The Twistup hair wrap towel is super comfortable and features:

  • 100% Super Absorbent Cotton
  • Made In Australia
  • Stays In Place With Easy Button System
  • Machine Washable
  • Lightweight
  • Assorted Funky Colour Selection
Learn how to use this quality hair towel is to use in 5 easy steps.

Available exclusively online the Twistup hair towel comes in 8 different colours. Explore our range and order a Twistup hair towel online.

Twistup Travel Bag

The Travel Bag is the perfect companion, and exclusively made, for your Twistup hair towel wrap. Featuring a stylish chevron pattern, choose from 7 of the same funky colours as your towel to colour coordinate, contrast or simply mix-and-match to your own taste.

Available exclusively online. Explore the range and order your Twistup Travel Bag here.